Various Kitchen Sink Types For Your Home Remodel
Guest Blogger | July 2, 2018

When talking about the kitchen, sinks are one of the things that come up instantly into our minds. Having the right sink will give your countertop as well as your kitchen a brand new and delightful feeling. However, choosing that ideal sink can be challenging.

There are indeed many types of sinks you can choose from, which differs in style and materials. But cut your worries, this article will give you an overview regarding some of the best sink types for your home. Here are some of them:


An apron sink, or also known as the farmhouse sink extends across the edge of your countertop. This sink type is commonly used in a rustic or traditional farmhouse style kitchen and is available in a single or double-bowl. Admittedly, these sinks are becoming more popular with the rebirth of the farmhouse or rustic interior designs.

They usually come as a cast or fireclay iron which is sturdy, as well as it’s easy to clean because of their non-porous material. More so, farmhouse sinks have a broad basin which is ideal for families with more family members and lots of dishes to clean up.

However, they can be costly and are more challenging to install because it cuts out a significant portion of your counter.


A flush mount type has a surface that blends in well with the rest of your countertop. This type of sink comes in two features: First, this model can be with the same color tone as of your countertop. Secondly, it may involve a body that is distinct from the rest of the countertop but blends in well without any mounting surfaces in the area.

However, a porridge line should be applied between the countertop and the sink to form a strong bond while keeping the whole body smooth and consistent in its design. You can opt for that porridge line in a tone that perfectly mixes in with both parts.


A self-rimming type uses a border that fits over the main countertop cabinet. You can quickly attach it with a cement material as well as other adhesive surfaces.

On the other hand, the rim is built to support the load of the sink and a stronger option which is easy to clean. Besides, it offers a unique appearance in your kitchen, and you can utilize this model on any counter surface you have. You should only check and see if the color suits up well with the rest of the counter.

The undermount kitchen sinks are the types that are mounted underneath the kitchen counter. It gives extra space throughout the sink because of its minimalist and rimless design. Also, the lacking of a lip means it can be cleaned more comfortably as you can brush food debris straight into the bowl with no rim to gather the pieces.

However, the installation can be a bit difficult than other sinks as it requires to be fully supported and sealed to hold the weight of a tub full of dirty dishes and water. Because of this, it’s better for you to hire an expert to complete the installation.

Further, it’s recommended to incorporate it with solid exterior countertops, such as concrete, granite, or marble. Tile or laminate or counters are not a good idea as the grouting and seams are weak points that can’t hold the weight of this undermount sink.


Prep sinks are smaller than your regular kitchen sink, ideal for bar-themed interiors where counter space is being one of the essential features. This sink model is perfect for mild prep work like washing fruit for cocktails or rinsing the occasional beverage glass.

Above all, there are various designs that prep sinks can offer, such as the circular or lunar design that resembles a crescent moon shape which gives your kitchen a unique flair. Plus, you can even load it with ice to chill the beverages when you have some special occasions in your home.


Before making a final decision regarding your new kitchen sink, you have to consider your budget, style, cooking habits, counter space, and cleaning needs. These factors will help you decide what type of sink that will suit you and your lifestyle. You can also visit sites like to find some home remodeling products and services.

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