Contemporary Hotels We Absolutely Love
treniqblog | May 9, 2019

When in doubt, go contemporary is a universal motto. There are plenty of hotels mushrooming all across the globe and one is better than the other.  If you are looking to visit hotels with great interiors or if you are looking to replicate that perfect design, look no further. Here’s presenting a range of luxury hotels and a break down of their interiors for you! From spacious, clever and sensible to luxurious and elegant, they are everything one could wish for them to be!

Contemporary Hotels Design Inspirations

If you can peel away from that stunning ocean view, then this gorgeous room is everything we are dreaming of this Summer. Moody yet refreshing with a bathtub strategically placed to soak in the view, it doesn’t get better than this!

Cool Blues and Neutrals

Contemporary Hotels Design Inspirations

Cool blues for the Summer? Yes, please! It’s almost like the blue carpet is merging with the blue ocean ahead creating an illusion of infinity. The contrasting white and neutral seating offers a relaxed and refreshing feel to the whole space.

 Wooden Wall Panels – Feel Like Home

Contemporary Hotels Design Inspirations

What is it about wooden wall panels that make places feel like home? We love the simplicity of this room and how each partition is well defined. A fun table lamp and armchair as add ons truly lift the mood of the space.

Cobalt Views and Contemporary Hotels

Contemporary Hotels Design Inspirations

Is there really anything left to say about this luscious view? Cobalt views of the wall juxtaposed against the refreshing sea view, we could sit here all day and night maybe, and not get tired. This is contemporary at its finest.

Modernity and Comfort

Contemporary Hotels Design Inspirations

Contemporary is what defines modernity and comfort. This hotel living room is an embodiment of comfort and luxury. We love how comfortable this space is with a fur pouf to serve as a footrests.

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