3 Easy Steps To A Stylish Christmas Ready Home
Guest Blogger | December 19, 2018

To channel the infamous cry of Noddy Holder, it’s Christmas! And whether it rouses festive cheer or Scrooge-esque dread, the inevitability of the annual Christmas preparations means that it’s time to ensure your home is prepped and ready for the celebration ahead.

If your home isn’t yet ready for the seasonal chaos, not to worry. Today, the packaging experts over at Kendon Packaging are here to help, breaking down 3 easy steps to help you achieve a stylish Christmas-ready home that’s prepped to accommodate family, friends, the big man himself and his reindeer.

3 Easy Steps To A Stylish Christmas-Ready Home

Be organised

It’s no secret that Christmas is a stressful time of year, and the added pressure of the obligatory seasonal home renovation certainly furthers this fact. The trick is to be organised, planning everything that needs to be done throughout the manic festive period well in advance. Yes we know, that’s easier said than done – so let us give you a helping hand. 

Firstly, utilise storage. From enough nibbles to feed the five thousand to enough gifts to fill your very own department store, the likelihood is that your home is going to become very cluttered over this typically over-indulgent period. Minimise the damage by boxing up any unused or unnecessary appliances and decorative items, packing them away in the loft, shed, basement, or just about anywhere else they can be hidden away for a few weeks! Not only will this clear up space to accommodate the turkey, decorations and those endless gift sets, but it will also help you focus on the style of the room in the process.

Be smart

But what if your home doesn’t feature convenient storage solutions? Well, it’s time to start thinking outside of the box. The addition of multi-functional furniture is a great way of achieving a Christmas-ready home while ensuring you maintain, or even enhance, your interior style. Be smart with your storage and utilise vertical space through wall mounted or tall standalone storage units like corner cabinets and shelving.

Alternatively, seek out furniture with hidden storage such as stylish and functional ottomans. Match these items to your overall interior style for a seamless addition to any living area, while simultaneously increasing your hosting capabilities by having an additional seat for those inevitable Christmas drop-ins from the family.

Be flexible

3 Easy Steps To A Stylish Christmas-Ready Home

Part of the charm of the festive season is spending valuable time with those that matter most, so ensuring you can be flexible with your hosting are key. 

The most effective way of doing this is through rethinking your interior floor plan. You want your communal hosting spaces to be as open as possible in order to be adaptable, enabling ease of rearrangement depending on what the situation demands. From having enough space (and chairs!) to fit two more around the table for dinner to having enough empty floor space for the littlies to try out their new toys, flexibility and hosting capability become synonymous over the Christmas period. Remember to not lose touch with your interior style in the process, however, ensuring your layout complements the room’s features and functionality. 

Following these three easy steps will ensure your home is Christmas-ready in both function and style and is prepped for a season of family, friends and memories to last a lifetime.


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