5 Christmas Decorations With A Creative Touch
Guest Blogger | November 21, 2018

The festive season is fast approaching and many of us are starting to plan for Christmas decorations – while some of us might have been mentally planning it for months. With the pressure growing year on year to turn our homes into winter wonderlands, it’s time to look at ways to get creative without spending a fortune.

So, if you’re keen to find some ways to sprinkle a little decorative festive cheer without exceeding your budget, you’re in luck. Here, our friends from Jolly Good Loans offering up some creative ways to decorate your home this Christmas – providing you with a pocket-friendly way to deck the halls this season.

Decorating the house can be a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy and is a great time to get creative together. Trying something original like handpicking your decorations means you’ll be the only family to have that exact set – which will help add that air of individuality to your Christmas.

You only need a handful that can be clustered together in vases on mantelpieces or tables to add a bit of festivity. For an extra touch of Christmas magic, add a splash of sparkle to your handmade festivities with sprinkles of glitter to help them look extra special.


On Christmas day, our mouths are watering at the smells coming from the kitchen and we gather around the dining table to admire and enjoy the meal a family member has spent weeks planning – from how many pigs in blankets they’ll need to accompany the turkey to a seating plan and table presentation. Going all out when it comes to the table is entirely acceptable, think Christmas crackers, festive tablecloths, napkin rings and Santa-themed mitts for the cutlery.

Change the tablecloth to a festive inspired one, you could even get a plain one to put out at the start of December and get the kids to decorate it over the month – by Christmas day you’ll have a fully decorated tablecloth that’s unique to your family and full of festive cheer. Your sparkly pine cones could be placed within a vase amongst other little homemade delights and used as a centrepiece. Making the table more festive doesn’t have to be a mammoth job, you can add to it throughout the month, saving your best additions for the big day.

All of our homes have places that are more prominent than others, which gives you the perfect excuse to keep decorations to a minimum. These places tend to be noticed first so this could be a fireplace, mantelpiece or a grand staircase. Utilising these areas will help you make your home Christmassy without having to cover every corner of your home with tinsel.

Mantelpieces are always a useful feature to make the most of. Collect your Christmas cards together and hang them delicately underneath the mantelpiece while using the surface area to show off some of your more extravagant decorations and candles – you could even add a touch of fake snow for extra appeal. Finally, introducing fairy lights instantly gives a festive homely feel which could be wrapped around the bannister creating a welcoming warm light in your hallway.

Involve some sweetness

Who doesn’t love Christmas decorations that you can eat? Introducing some ‘sweet’ decorations is a hit with everyone, especially when it’s candy canes and chocolate! Candy canes are in the perfect shape to make a wreath which you could hang at the door for people to help themselves to when they enter your home.

Hanging chocolate on the tree is also a favourite. You can buy these from the shops or again you could make sweet hanging decorations – such as iced biscuits with little holes in to make them hangable. The best bit about having edible decorations is you have far fewer items to pack away at the end of the season because they’ve been eaten throughout the festive period. If you’re wanting to have a speedy pack away of the decorations then use edible ones wherever you can.

Upcycle household items

Upcycling will take some planning but it will be totally worth it when your decorations all come together. Throughout the year collect old tin cans of all shapes and sizes in a box ready for a day of making Christmas decorations. Clean out the cans and remove all the labels so you’re left with a shiny tin can. Start by piercing little holes in the cans, and – depending on how creative you want to be – you could make a snowflake, Santa or tree shapes with an added tea light to make lanterns. Top tip: fill the cans with water and freeze them before piercing the holes to keep the can in shape.

Revamping your Christmas decorations rather than buying new ones is also an option. Some of your baubles may have started to look a little used and dated – so why not add a touch of glitter or a fresh lick of colour to make them usable for another year? Not only could you vamp up some of last year’s decorations, but you could enhance some plant features you have by using them as mini trees.

So, there you have 5 creative ways to get festive without breaking the bank, providing decorations that should last for years to come. Enjoy decorating!


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