Celebrity Winter Homes We Are In Love With
treniqblog | December 13, 2018

In the design industry, we are always looking at every nook and corner for inspiration. Designers find their million dollar ideas on street sides, public places, historic monuments and many such spaces that are scattered all around us. What makes designers different is that they observe these designs and weave a commendable livable space out of it.

It comes as no surprise that some of the most genius minds of the interior design industry have done their best work for celebrities. We have handpicked a few homes that have panache, elegance and that element of difference, only to show you that, with a little thought and looking, the looks could be yours.

Gerard Butler’s Home in New York

Bang in the heart of New York’s Chelsea district is actor Gerard Butler’s home except it looks more like a medieval manor or an ancient crumbling palatial home. The handiwork of architect Alexander Gorlin and film designer Elvis Restaino, Butler’s 3,300-square-foot loft in NYC is a dreamy and enigmatic walk through history. “I wanted something elegant and gorgeous and at the same time rather masculine and raw,” the actor says, and we think he might have just nailed the look.


Cindy Crawford’S Home

Cindy Crawford’s homes are a fine blend of luxury and durability. Being a mother of two, Crawford decided to use more durable fabrics, textures and textiles to do up her home in an elegant yet resistant manner. Outdoor furniture material meets indoor furniture to not only offer longevity but also a heavy duty classic look that is elegant and rustic.


John Legend’S Home

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s home is a fine structure with fluid indoor and outdoor spaces that are blended to look like they belong to each other. A lot of the designs are nature inspired by usage of bold colours like the burst of orange in a room of greys and beiges to harness the full potential of a bold colour. Within a busy city, this 2200 square foot structure is a Shangri La for the weary soul.

Ellen DeGeneres’s Home

Comedian and host Ellen DeGeneres and her partner and actress Portia de Rossi’s home in Beverly Hills is a fun and fascinating take on home decor. With ample changes performed at frequent intervals, the couple is always up and about perfecting the latest look. The home has been created as a haven for the two to unwind and relax and includes a lot of soothing elements along with fun and quirky add-ons.


Ralph Lauren’s Home

Ralph Lauren’s home is a walk through a museum with ample collectable quality rugs, accessories, draperies etc weaving into the remaining home. Ample Georgian furniture, Persian rugs and exotic colours are used in abundance, making this home a sight to behold.


Besides being a rather powerful and revolutionary administrative family in the world, Obama’s also have refined taste in interior designer and ensured that their private quarters in the white house reflected their panache. “The most important thing was ensuring the comfort and happiness of her family” explains Melissa Winter, the then deputy assistant to the President and senior adviser to the First Lady.


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