Celebrity Flagship Stores With Great Interiors
treniqblog | June 5, 2019

Take a walk through a luxury celebrity store and you are suddenly have first view access to beauty at its finest. We don’t just mean the clothes, shoes or other lovely products that might be on display, we mean that the stores themselves have strikingly beautiful designs, layouts, furniture and fittings that contribute to the opulence.

Some boutiques and stores are renowned and go down in history for their remarkable interiors. These are handpicked and curated by top notch designers from all over the world in order to present its clientele a truly grand experience.

Here are a few of our top picks. Take a seat back and enjoy the ride while we take you inside some of the worlds gold class brands and their flagship store interiors!

Stella McCartney, London


Stella McCartney has worked her eco-friendly magic in London — her new flagship store in one of the world’s most prestigious retail locations.

The shop has been a major green challenge for the fashion designer, who vowed to turn the listed 18th-century building into a modern tour de force of recycling. Sustainability is the buzzword, with reclamation at the heart of the design. Stella spent time gathering rocks to display in the shop, office waste paper was turned into decorative panels and pink fake fur from earlier collections was used to line a lift.

Vintage furniture sits by reclaimed timber plinths and foam speakers, while air-filter tech removes pollutants.

Louis Vuitton, Paris

Fendi, London


Italian luxury house Fendi’s new flagship on London’s New Bond Street, is an elegant space and a delight to fashion lovers and design aficionados alike. Envisioned by French designer Gwenael Nicolas and his multidisciplinary studio, Curiosity, the store’s architectural concept seamlessly mixes leather, stone, and textiles in a soothing colour palette and dynamic statement furnishings.

Serene modern palette of muted creams and gilded display cases allow for the shoes and accessories to take centre stage. In a nearby nook, a decorative palm tree by French design legend and Fendi favourite Maria Pergay unexpectedly sprouts leaves made from leather.

Victoria’s Secret, London


The prestigious fashion brand Victoria’s Secret arrived to New Bond Street, London in 2012, with a unique two-storey boutique full of dramatic and feminine details. Its interior design features dazzling gold details, upholstered wall coverings and crystal chandeliers that would fit a palace. The space invites customers into a luxurious shopping experience, whose high gloss finishes and captivating photography make a passionate turn.

Tiffany & Co, Manhattan


The famous jewellery company, Tiffany & Co is not just about jewellery anymore. The acclaimed luxury brand is betting on its cinematic space on Fifth Avenue to open a bookstore, a shop for household goods or serve ‘delicatessen’ between diamonds.

The interior design project chose the protagonist tone to decor every room, the iconic Tiffany blue of their boxes.  “The space reflects a modern luxury experience. It is experimental and experiential, a window inside the new Tiffany, “says artistic director Reed Krakoff.

Even the design of the access staircase to the fourth floor wasn’t forgotten. This space has stunning three chains of lamps of almost 5 meters, created by the Bouroullec this decor make a statement entrance. Even the portrait of the founder, Charles Lewis Tiffany, is present and made with 8,000 painted screws. Sparkly.

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