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treniqblog | July 17, 2017

There’s nothing better than a mesmerising and beautiful piece of art to make your walls stand out. From abstract art to industrial, rustic and even Scandinavian style artwork, here’s a look at the newest, stunning works of art by international designers.


New Art Trends


Aftermath, or No Stone Left Unturned Painting

New_Art_Trends_To Look_Out_For_Treniq_Blog

An abstract work in mixed media explores the meaning as it unravels through texture, not colour. The neutral colour palette emphasises the significance of textural movement as a story telling device.

– Boldart by Alla Boldina

Kaleidoscope Artwork Summer

New_Art_Trends_To Look_Out_For_Treniq_Blog

Create a psychedelic wonderland with a glorious mix of light, muted and cool summer colours. As spring progresses into summer more subtlety, nature is maturing and her mood is changing. The colours become soft and dreamy as seen through a ‘heat haze’ which makes an unexpected visual impact.

– Designer’s Ateliers

Zebra Head Sculpture

New_Art_Trends_To Look_Out_For_Treniq_Blog

A phenomenal metallic structure made of earthy natural colours, adding a bit of adventure to an interior setting.

– 5mm Design

 Dots V

New_Art_Trends_To Look_Out_For_Treniq_Blog

Reproduction of the original Art of Benjamin Savignac. Printed on satin quality art paper.

– Sølve

Rosso Contro Azzuro 2 Painting

New_Art_Trends_To Look_Out_For_Treniq_Blog

A thought provoking abstract piece that brings together colour and texture to evoke an emotion or tell a story depending on who is looking at it.

– Boldart by Alla Boldina

Arabian Nights Decorative Panel

New_Art_Trends_To Look_Out_For_Treniq_Blog

Decorative panel realised in a natural mother of pearl sea shell inlaid by hand in a 24 carat gold plated metal texture with Swarovski crystals. Frame in 24 carat gold plated metal.

– Zanin Venezia 1972

Amari-Classic Persian Herati Wall Hanging

New_Art_Trends_To Look_Out_For_Treniq_Blog

Classic Persian All Over Herati Design in warm colours of Red, Royal Blue, Ivory & Gold. The warm colours made on heavy weave with slightly distressed effect gives softness to the eye, but still keeping its warmth to cherish in any luxury home decor.

– UKBCC Ltd.

January In North Painting

New_Art_Trends_To Look_Out_For_Treniq_Blog

Abstract art depicting a whiteout, a blanket of snow covering the landscape creating a gorgeous scenic view.

– MayArt

Purple Iris Painting

New_Art_Trends_To Look_Out_For_Treniq_Blog

The patterns in this piece are inspired by nature’s diverse floral and leaf designs. Several layers of antiquing glaze were used to emphasise the patterns. Ritzi’s artworks are an expression of the sensations channelled from the surroundings to blend and complement; to evoke emotions.

– Ritzi Art

Bowl Head Sculpture

New_Art_Trends_To Look_Out_For_Treniq_Blog

Bowl Head is a wise, generous and a kind Clayman, he decided to be semi-functional by offering himself and his bowl for any purpose.

– Claymen

Rose Boquet Sculpture

New_Art_Trends_To Look_Out_For_Treniq_Blog

This artistic interpretation of the classic rose bouquet adds drama to one’s home and other spaces. The blooming of roses adds a natural element.

– Indi Store

Juju Hat Wall Hanging – White

New_Art_Trends_To Look_Out_For_Treniq_Blog

Traditionally worn by royal dancers of the Bamileke tribe during ceremonies, this striking African feather headdress the juju hat symbolises prosperity. A rare object of beauty they are believed to possess the positive qualities of birds.

– Atelier Lane

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