Bedroom Ideas That Are Beyond Chic
Guest Blogger | November 12, 2018

Bedroom ideas for before a wedding registry can be construed as embarrassing or too forward by shy millennials. But we think it’s gorgeous! It’s a much better alternative to the otherwise – buying whatever you fancy and the newlyweds finding your gift pointless or worst of all, ‘junk.’

By participating in a wedding registry, you’ll be able to tell your guests what you like the most in terms of receiving wedding gifts from them. After all, could there be anything better than receiving presents on your big day that were actually your wish list items?!

When choosing your favourite things to include in the registry, why not start off with some cool bedroom decor ideas?

Here are a few bedroom ideas that will help you choose bedroom décor items that should be added to your bed, bath & beyond wedding registry.

Bedroom Ideas That Are Beyond Chic

Blackout curtains don’t hang from the reeling but are wrapped around one’s window, so that no amount of sunlight can escape when the windows are closed. They look exquisite and give a much lighter feel to the room despite their strong colour combinations.

Such curtains are designed to keep the extreme external weather out of your bedroom. These are heavy curtains with reflective colour combinations. This helps in resisting heat while keeping the bedroom cool at daytime.

Contrary to popular belief, blackout curtains shouldn’t exclusively be black. Any strong, non-absorbent colour, such as maroon or navy blue will do the trick.

Bedroom Ideas That Are Beyond Chic

Sounds fancy, right?

Perhaps, the thought of a chandelier reminds you of a beautifully decorated dining area. Of course, it could be something you’d love to add to your bedroom.  

Chandeliers can be a great way to differentiate the master bedroom from other bedrooms. If you want to show off your bedroom décor to your friends and family, investing in a bedroom chandelier is a must.

Most chandeliers that are considered for the bedroom are skeletal in their make and will not have a lot of decorative draping. Still, the ambience a chandelier will create to your bedroom is worth seeing.

When choosing a perfect chandelier for your bedroom, look for a small yet beautiful affair that gives the right flair to the entire room.

Luxury Bedroom Ideas

Bedroom Ideas That Are Beyond Chic

Luxury bedding doesn’t have to be expensive at all. It also doesn’t need to have extravagant items. A thick mattress, a collection of linen items, and a nice duvet will give your bedroom a luxurious feel.

While choosing luxury bedding, you can add high thread cotton bed sheets and wool blankets as individual items on your wedding registry.


A minimalist bedroom is designed in a way that only includes essentials. This means taking away the extra lamps, the extra rugs, any extra couches, and leaving all the space in the bedroom for roaming around. This designing style came in the early 2000s and has no plan of leaving anytime soon.

One of the reasons behind this growing trend is the cost-effectiveness newlyweds often benefit from. Interestingly, you’ll follow this bedroom trend if you frequently scatter stuff around and de-cluttering isn’t your piece of cake!

Metallic Designing

Bedroom Ideas That Are Beyond Chic

Ever heard of metallic furniture? Following this trend will take you to the era of the royals! Your bed set, lamps, chairs, and all other bedroom furniture can be made with metallic and luxurious colour combinations. Though economical for the newlyweds, metallic designing has a fancy finish. Complete this classy look by adding contrasting décor items to your bedroom.

Bedroom Walls

Bedroom Ideas That Are Beyond Chic

Your bedroom walls reflect the personality of your bedroom. Bright-coloured wallpapers may give a lively feel to the entire bedroom. People also prefer painting their bedroom walls with strong colours as this gives a touch of warmth and elegance to the room.

Designing your bedroom walls cleverly can make your bedroom look much finer than your regular whitewash ever could. If you live in a colder region, go for dark colors

Wood Plank Walls

These are in fashion if you want to bring back the eighties in style. Don’t worry! You aren’t the only one nostalgic for that era. The old styling of the room with a modernistic edge is becoming more and more common. Besides decorating a bedroom, many entrepreneurs also prefer wood plank walls while designing their ‘millennial’ offices.

If you want your bedroom to remind you of your childhood, go ahead with wood. Wood-panelled walls and a stylishly colour combination should do the trick.

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