Why artwork is a great gift for your roommate?
Guest Blogger | December 24, 2018

Gifting can be difficult, and overwhelming, however, before you decide on what to get your loved ones, you should consider their personalities, personal style and preferences. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a piece of art as a gift for your roommate:

  • The artwork is timeless: there are many gift options you may consider; however, the artwork is long-lasting and this way, your roommate will remember you for a very long time. Most items don’t last this long. Even though the artwork is constantly upgrading its methods and styles, people don’t generally throw out old furnishings to upgrade to newer ones. The pieces that you do have become part of who you are as time rallies on.
  • Paintings bring emotion: There are not many gifts that portray emotion like paintings. Unlike most gifts that may bring you happiness for a short-lived period of time, paintings always make you feel happy and chilled. Sometimes they represent memory in one’s mind. You should get your roommate artwork because it would make them happy whenever they look at it. People relate to paintings in their own way, it evokes emotions.
  • Motivational: They can be inspirational or something that means a lot to the person. If the painting or art piece is found in the room, they may be beneficial for your roommate upon waking up every morning.
  • Artwork gets more valuable as time passes by. Buying this gift is a good idea for your roommate as the price will inflate after a period item. Most good items were created at least 10 years ago.
  • Other gadgets and giftings may be difficult to maintain and you have to be careful when using them. However, paintings and artwork don’t need much upkeep. All you need to do is clean it often. There is a very rare chance of the item being damaged or destroyed.
  • There are so many affordable options to choose from depending on your budget and your roommate’s preference.
Why artwork is a great gift for your roommate?
  • You should ensure that the artwork is small so that your roommate can leave it anywhere they choose.
  • Remember to buy to your roommates’ taste and not your own. You will be able to find the perfect gift if you decide on this.
  • Don’t limit yourself to a straight forward artwork. If you know your roommate likes a particular kind of thing, try and get creative with the same idea in mind.
  • Just because it is for Christmas, doesn’t mean it needs to be in that theme.
  • Consider items in your own home and how the artwork will tie up into that
  • You may consider gifting a gift certificate if you have a hard time finding the perfect for your roommate. Ensure that the place you buy from allows exchanges or refunds artwork.
Reasons why artwork is a great gift for your roommate

If you look closely at your home, you will find art everywhere. Art is not just a picture in a frame or a painting by a well-known artist. Art comes in many shapes and sizes and even has many uses. It includes:

  • Paintings – These are pictures on canvas and can be an illustration of anything.
  • Sculptures – made from ceramic. They are really personal and add a unique touch to people’s homes.
  • Photographs – Abstract photographs are an excellent art form and many people have them hanging on a frame in their homes.
  • Wall-hangings – These include a variety of things to hang up on your wall. They range from canvases to dishes.

Deciding on a gift may be difficult but it is also a chance to show appreciation to those that you love, who have been around you and been a support to you. Giving your roommate an art piece is a great gift as it is unique and would feature in the home that you share together. This way, if it is a great piece, you will also be able to enjoy it. Remember to look for items that your roommate would prefer and to pay attention to the finer details. If you can, find out his/her ancestry history and get an item specific to their history or family.

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