15 Pieces Of Abstract Art To Add A Touch Of Zing To Your Space
treniqblog | April 27, 2017

There’s nothing like a gorgeous piece of abstract art to add an element of zing to your home or office decor. From bright pieces of artwork to shadows to those with a touch of pop colours, what’s better than something that lets your imagination run wild? Take a look at our collection of abstract art, source your favourites effortlessly from our international designers and enliven your space!


Exodus, Untitled Lion


The painting is iridescent with volcanic sand and China ink. This work talk about the exodus of our times, of us, in an insider horizon.

Olivier Fonteau

Peace Of Mind I

Female portrait blended into the background on the subject of dreaming, imagination and awareness. Freedom and resistance, softness and strength.

– Lanagraphic Art & Design

& Blue Photograph

“In order for your artwork to improve, you have to improve as an artist.”

Eric Christopher Jackson

Nudes Ophelia


Between light and shadow, nude forms and discarded materials, perplexed through a unique path without return. The renaissance of each requires the existence of both.

Antonios Georgakis

Bounded With Love Painting

This abstract art is based on the feelings of a woman in love who believes it to be the extraordinary dimension of her reality. The unique painting is awash with the colours of the highs of passion and the lows of loss, which is the story of love.

Ella Prakash

Old Town Orignal Art


This painting depicts the old town in Stockholm, Sweden. The unforgotten in an acrylic mixed media in an abstract expressionist manner.

 – Lanagraphic Art & Design

Geometric V

Geometric series follows the minimalist look, its use of colours is limited and have been inspired by the suprematist movement while giving it a new look in the textured linear style.

– Rashmie Tyagi

Ocean III By DD Regalo


This body of work represents an on-going exploration of identity and duality: reaching for the space between the externally expressed and the internally felt in our very most private thoughts and feelings.


Desire Painting

The fluid and flowing brush strokes of this artwork reveal a woman as a sensual and passionate being, driven by her needs and desires, it flaunts the feminine form more boldly than usual.

– Ella Prakash

Golden Reverie By Van Dinh Quan


Beautifully refined and sometimes surreal, his work reflects the admiration for, and a preoccupation with women, their shapes, their functions, their movements and their beauty.

Addicted Art Gallery

Immersed in Love Painting

Based on the pure emotion of love, this is a highly effective composition. His work strike a tremendous balance between figurative style and rhythmic patterns.

Verandah Art

Energy 6 Painting, Diptych


Whether creating representational views or more magnified and abstracted forms, my work is identified by the powerful movement, pushing the boundaries of the vision of a single image of a flower.

– Deborah Bigeleisen

Seascape II


The seascape series continue in the minimal style. The linear textured look gives an abstract impression of a seascape, The light bouncing and reflecting back from the textured lines also give it a mesmerising effect.

– Rashmie Tyagi

Nostalgia Serenity

Nostalgia collection is an ephemeral composition of disjointed elements that sparks memories. A collage hunt to gather, cut and paste rough peeled surfaces, coloured flakes, scratches, etchings, details of aged textures and torn papers.

– Antonios Georgakis

Enigma –  Hooked to a Cloud of Altering Emotions By Lakshmi Mohanbabu

‘Enigma’ – the ambiguous, the inexplicable.  The mind, a puzzle of thought, conveys an expression open to interpretation as sorrow, happiness or even flirtation.

– Addicted Art Gallery

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