5 Unique Storage Unit Ideas You Must Try!
treniqblog | July 14, 2016

Storage is what all of us need and want! And it’s almost always more to store than space permits. Plus, imagine getting a statement storage unit for your space. The look, the style, and the panache!

Which is why, we at Treniq have created this list of 5 unique storage ideas that you must try. Some ideas are straightforward and easy to accomplish, while others may take a bit of a crafty hand. But no matter what, a statement storage piece will make the difference you wanted!

Whether you are organising the kitchen, living room, dining room, or bedroom, we are sure you will find our list of storage solutions a breath of fresh air.


Open Shelving Units



An open shelving unit adds more storage, but doesn’t take up too much floor – or visual – space. It also adds to the height of the room you place it in. Best part, you can dot them around the house!


Creative Cabinets



Get creative with those cabinets, starting from the design itself. It can be neatly concealed drawers or shelves facing different sides for a twist. Being creative is fun!


Antique Wonders



Adding an antique piece in a contemporary space will add that flair of old-world charm. Get those weathered cabinets or sideboards and turn into your china cabinet. Vintage is in vogue!


Built-In Storage



What’s the best way to save space around the house but also store everything you want? Built-in storage space! It can range from TV cabinets, bookshelves, to space for those fancy curios!


Art Statements



Perfect way to get storage space while also creating a luxurious space – statement storage units. And they work best when you display them at the bar during those parties & dinners!

Each storage space, as unique as they are, is very easy to source. Don’t believe us? Just come explore from the collection on Treniq and get them easily. All you have to do is register!



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