5 Minimalist Home Interior Design Ideas You Should Consider
Guest Blogger | August 23, 2019

Though many have heard of minimalism only recently from Marie Kondo and her “joy of tidying up”, the minimalism style has been increasingly popular since the 20th century, when it began as an art movement.  It started with the sculptures and spread up into our homes and lifestyles.

Minimalism is all about clean lines and emphasis on simplicity, less clutter, and chaos.  The main idea behind having a minimalist home is living in a space that is equally functional and pretty.

The minimalist lifestyle is easy to achieve, though one should know a thing or two before starting this journey. If you have recently thought about going full minimalist, and you want to start with the environment at your home, then this article may be quite helpful for you, with five interior design ideas which you should consider.

Paint every wall in your house white

If you want to pull the minimalist look in your home, you should start with the walls. While there is not a strict rule on which color you should paint the walls at your house, the neutral colors, white, black and gray are highly recommended.

If you paint the walls in your house in white, you will never call it a mistake.  White walls give the illusion of a more spacious, tidy, and lighter place, and what’s very important, they match with every type of furniture, no matter the materials, the shapes or the color.

You can try the same with black and gray, but you should be super careful with the rest of your place. Brown and beige walls can also work.

Put your stuff in enclosed spaces

It may be very tempting to show off your medals, decorations and other awards, but they belong in the cabinet, and the doors of that cabinet should be shut. Closets with no doors, from which all your clothes can be seen, should go away. Cloth hanger racks too, more than anything. 

Clothes and other objects, no matter whether they are souvenirs that mean a lot to you, or very old possessions of your family, if you want a minimalist-looking house, should stay in enclosed spaces.

That does not mean you have to throw them away. Everything that still gives you pleasure and makes you feel well, or is useful to you, should stay with you, in your house. Only, not necessarily in sight.

Eliminate the simple clutter

Once the stuff you use and want is behind closed doors, get rid of anything that does not have a meaning for you, and is not useful in any way. You do not have to throw them away, you can just give it to a charity or someone who could make a use of that stuff!

Remember that the vital principle of the minimalist style is functionality, and if you cannot convince yourself to remove everything that does not conform with this principle, then you have already failed to make the first step in your minimalist journey.  

Make sure there’s a flow of forms, materials and colors

Minimalism is about creating an environment that is not only functional but also helps you release stress and relax.

Every piece in your house should complete the other, in terms of harmony. In order to successfully reach the minimalist look in your home, all the pieces should be in harmony: colors, shapes and even materials.

This can be the hardest part of your bid to achieve a minimalist looking house, yet if will be the most interesting. You should just make sure that your furniture is well balanced, and no specific piece gets more attention than the other.

Make sure everything is placed in the right place and functional

As we noted before, minimalist interior design is mostly about a functional and clutter free house. So when you think you are done with all the steps you should have taken to pull off the minimalist look in your house, you should take a second look and make sure whether everything is in the right place. In which they can be most functional.

Make sure there is enough space between your furniture, and that the space looks serene and less chaotic. If your home feels tidy, then congratulations, you now live in a house with minimalist interior design.

Jim Antderson is a passionate interior design geek, cooling fan expert and the main writer at SplendidFans.com

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