4 Ways To Include Contemporary Art In Interior Design
treniqblog | April 17, 2018

Contemporary art is usually the last decor piece that is picked up when designing spaces. It is easy to understand why because art falls under that category of decor pieces that are easy additives in the last stages of designing. Very rarely do we see a statement piece of art being the focal point of a room? However, smart interior designers would tell you how they heavily rely on art to work as the cynosure around which the build the palette of the room.

It’s true! Art can take play many roles in the shape of paintings, sculptures, glass art, wall hangings and so on. The mood that a contemporary art piece conveys can be equally diverse because art in itself is versatile. You can create a subdued atmosphere to let the work of  art shine in the design or you could simply let it complement the space. However, what one should never do is ignore the potential of this not-so-humble design alternative!

Here are 4 easy and simple ways to incorporate contemporary art in your living quarters or in the homes you design!

Paintings are a great way to breathe life into a room. In a contemporary and modernised room, paintings also have the potential to act as centre points or as centre’s of attraction around which the theme of the room is built.

The easiest replacement to expensive paintings are contemporary photographs. They do the job of a painting quite well and look great especially in modern and contemporary interior designs.

Sculptures are those decor pieces that amp the look and feel of a room to a magnified level of luxury. These statement pieces are great pieces that can alter the look of a space in a very effective and efficient way!

Contemporary wall hangings are those little beauties that add a three dimensional charm to the beautiful art features you add to a room. Quirky, fun and extraordinary, these pieces are nothing short of a breath of fresh air!


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