3 Ways To Spruce Up Interiors With The Eclectic Decor Trend
treniqblog | April 12, 2018

Eclectic decor trend is a revolutionary trend that was carefully created by those people who could not limit their choices to one style or theme. Wondering if you are that person? Allow us to decipher that.

Do you love bold colours and colour blocks?

Do you like to pick a piece of everything you see from all over the world to bring home as decor items?

Do you celebrate contrasts and associate each decor piece with emotional value?

If your answer to the above questions was an affirmative Yes or a perplexed Maybe, then eclectic is your style.

Eclectic was never actually a decor style. In fact on the contrary it was simply a form of rebellion by artists and architects who prided themselves for being pioneers of a revolution. Unfortunately or fortunately the rebellion was soon adopted as a trend.

Eclectic is not simply a mix of this and that kind of a style. It is a medley of well thought out pieces that come together to depict a beautiful set up.

If eclectic styling is a new thing for you, starting small with accessories is a great way to begin. Accessories include small or medium sized pieces that have the potential to act as centrepieces in your decor style without being too overwhelming. They are the safest way to convert a space into an eclectic one.

Some of the easiest ways to incorporate the eclectic style is in the form of small accessories that can adorn a table as well. Think dining table peppered with quaint vases along side Turkish serve ware. Small African sculptures on a console table or a set of stunning coasters in some nomadic design. Tableware is the easiest way to bring home the eclectic design.

Maybe you do not want to go heavy duty furniture with your eclectic discovery but you also don’t have to settle for small trinkets to do the job for you. All forms of fabric can be inspired from the trend. From Pakistani Ajrakh prints and mirror works from India, all the way to Turkish and Iranian designs, eclectic designs are easy to find across cushion covers, curtains, throws, bed spreads and the likes. They not only occupy a larger space but are also controllable changes you can afford to opt for.


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