3 Styles of Beds Perfect For Modern Bedrooms
treniqblog | May 29, 2018

Beds are the most integral part of a home. It is the one space that is personal, a place to wind into, a space to relax on. There is nothing that a good sleep cannot fix. People who know this worldly secret are the ones who ensure that their bedrooms are an epitome of luxury and comfort.

Bedroom designs have a multitude of options and all of them are not only cosy but also elegant and classy. You can choose from various styles such as rustic, Scandinavian, vintage, French, eclectic, contemporary or industrial themes.

We have put together a collection of three styles that are the most favoured among experts this year. These hand picked beds are sturdy, luxurious and glamorous, befitting a room for the royalty.


Count on Italians to do luxury in the most beautiful and sublime fashion. These Italian style beds are dreamy, inviting and gorgeous. Elaborate headboards ensure that these beds are great for weekend lounging too. Here is a one way ticket to bliss.

Everybody turns to contemporary furniture for its clean cuts and stylish appearance. Not to forget, this style is so versatile that it can be effortlessly paired with decor pieces of other styles to bring about an eclectic effort. These beds are comfortable, smart, sturdy, functional, and classy.

What’s not to love about the vintage style? Antique bed designs with intricate carving on heavy wood with gold panelling and detailing, these are the kind of pieces fit for luxurious living. Elaborate poster beds with unique and traditional designs are not only opulent to look at but also absolutely comfortable.

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