3 Remarkable Styles of Surfaces That Promise Durability and Elegance
treniqblog | May 16, 2018

Surfaces speak volumes about a designer and their interior design style. Smart surfaces are not just durable but also good looking and extraordinary enough to elevate the look and feel of any room. A clever designer is also aware of a basic thumb rule that surfaces will vary in functionality from room to room. Thus the onus is on a designer to pick tiles, panels, ceiling, flooring or even area rugs that suit the style and theme of the room being designed without compromising on quality and longevity.


We have combined the value of durability and the aesthetics of luxury to bring to you a range of surfaces in the most trendy styles. Dive into a collection so marvellous and modern, it will change the way you look at surfaces!


For the modern soul who require all things to be functional, urban and trendy in terms of design and feel, contemporary is the way to go. Contemporary designs play with colour and pattern but also largely focus on functionality and value. The range of contemporary rugs, panels, flooring and ceiling material are for the truly modish personality.


For those people who like to mix things up with a little bit of that and a little bit of this, eclectic designs are the most accurate answer. Wondering what surfaces have to do with this trend? Think bold tiles or uber cool rugs and there is your answer to that question.

Classics are timeless and fashionable. Classic surfaces are a safer, yet trendier option for those who rely heavily on durability and functionality. Classic surfaces are those that allow individual furnishings to take a centre spot and help bring the whole look together harmoniously.

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