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For anyone who truly loves interior décor, a coffee table is not just another counter-top you see right after you walk in the door and that holds all your miscellaneous items. Instead, it should be viewed as the centerpiece of your living area.

A living room without a coffee table is like a fashionista without lipstick – incomplete and undone. Coffee tables serve several purposes; from completing the look of a room to storage and display, they are an absolute necessity. The question however is which style will work for your living room. Should you go with a classic wooden table or invest in a contemporary version with a glass top? The options are endless and at times, overwhelming. This is why the Treniq team has put together a few tips to help you break down the maze of decisions and steer you in the right direction. We also have five exclusively unique coffee tables for you which can definitely turn any living room into a luxurious and extravagant arrangement.





Bring perfection and brilliance to your home with this beautifully sculpted coffee table by award-winning designer-maker Philip Dobbins. Raised on exquisitely carved spider support legs, the surface of the table is handcrafted from burr walnut. With a single drawer in the center, the base of the drawer is decorated with a random parquetry of various timbers that adds functionality  to an eclectic design.




Designed by the ‘Young Furniture Designer of the Year, 2009’ Limahl Asmall, this stunning coffee table will add a modern flair to any living room. Unique and rustic, the natural shape and texture of the wood makes it a focal point in any indoor setting. What’s even more impressive is the fascinating contrast between the simple round-shaped glass-top and the chaotic assembly of wooden sticks at the base stacked to give it a singularly uncommon look.




Designed by the up-and-coming designer-maker Robert Scott who is already making heads turn with his artistic designs, this unique coffee table has been constructed through a process of stack laminations, which are carved to create flowing designs on wood. Who knew that fluid shapes created on eroded rocks could be the inspiration behind this stunning design that lures the viewer to touch the manifested creation on wood!

Strata Coffee Table_ John-Jacques



Designed so the facets catch the light, this piece creates an interaction between the observer and the object aside from its function as a table. Inspired by geological forms and patterns, award-winning designer-maker John Jacques created ‘Strata’ whilst maintaining the natural identity of the wood.




A classic coffee table for a classic home, the ‘Ripples’ coffee table by furniture designer-maker Kung Mana Tongmee is inspired from his roots as a former Buddhist monk. Taking inspiration from Asian meditation practices, the circles carved into the surface of this unique table represent the expansion of the mind as ripples on water, making it a truly zen-like piece for your home.



  1. BALANCE YOUR STYLE – Formal, informal, modern or vintage — consider the overall look of the room before choosing the coffee table. While a sleek metal or glass-top table offers a contemporary feel, go for a heavy wooden table if you desire a rustic, country casual look.


  1. FUNCTIONALITY – Another important factor to consider while buying the perfect coffee table is to ascertain whether you want it solely for decorative use or for miscellaneous storage as well. Pick a piece that comes with a drawer for small storage yet ups the style quotient.


  1. SIZE MATTERS – Don’t overdo it. No matter how beautiful that large coffee table looks, the size of the room plays a key role in the choice of the perfect coffee table. Also keep in mind the height of the sofa; a higher sofa requires a taller table.


  1. SHAPE – If you are a little cramped for space, go for a rounded coffee table; the curved edge not only allows for more mobility but is also child and pet friendly. Square or rectangular coffee tables are ideal for rooms with structural arrangements.


  1. MATERIAL Warm up with wood or cool it with glass, depending upon the style of your living room interiors, choose a coffee table that suits it best. With so many coffee tables available in myriad materials, you will be spoiled for choices.

Finding the perfect coffee table may take some effort and consideration but it does not have to be an overwhelming task. Now armed with these tips and choices, searching for that perfect coffee table can be fun and inspirational!

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