Let Your Walls Do The Talking…
Musheer Khan | November 7, 2014

Wall art is an important part of interior designing as it creates, uplifts and impacts the ambiance of a room.

‘It is said that one of the best ways to give your room a makeover, is to display and strategically place a mixture of paintings, photographs and sculptures in a room.’

Art reflects the personality and sense of taste of its owner and is most definitely not just an accessory to furniture. While this stands true, most people are still stuck in the mindset of art-should-match-the-sofa. Not that there is anything wrong with that; for your walls paintings and art work to have a greater impact and become the focal point of conversation in your interiors, the decor of the room should support and enhance the colours of the art.

Here are a few techniques you can use to give your interiors a face lift using artwork: –

#1 Balance the colour palette of the room ~

A basic rule of thumb when incorporating art in the room is to make it stand out as a collectible instead of merging it with the rest of the decor.



Balance the vibrance of the art piece with neutral walls.

If your art work has pop shades and vibrant hues, make sure that the colour of the walls and furniture are neutral or monochromatic. This will instantly draw attention to the art piece as carrying the balance of the colours through the furnishings will influence the vibrance of the painting.

#2 Use furniture placement to enhance the art displayed on the wall ~

While it is very important to display art work in tandem with the space available, what is even more important is the placement of the furniture around it. The furniture should not overshadow and cramp the space where the painting is displayed.


Use furniture strategically to draw attention to your art work.

Have a look at this painting! While it would look great as a standalone piece on the wall, the placement of this wavy bench gives the art work more emphasis by underlining it, just  as underlining a word in a sentence.

#3 Use reflection to give a dramatic effect ~


 Mirrors help to create a dramatic effect by reflecting the image of the paintings.

We all know that mirrors and reflective glasses are so much more than functional pieces when it comes to interiors. Mirrors have the power to create the illusion of a bigger room. If placed strategically, mirrors can help create a dramatic effect by reflecting the image of the paintings hung on the wall, getting you to notice the reflection and then studying the painting to see how it looks when it isn’t turned backwards or upside down.

#4 Under the Spotlight ~

Spotlights have been invented for a reason and the best way to use them would be to highlight that famous painting displayed on your wall!


Use spotlights to highlight the art work on the wall.
MovementWall sconces help enhance the colours of the painting.

Putting a spotlight on your art or using wall sconces on either sides will enhance the colours of the painting and make it stand out.

#5 Complementing Combinations ~

The best way to make your walls speak is to draw attention to the art you create on the wall using artwork! Treat your wall like a blank canvas and strategically fill the space by hanging two or more paintings to create the illusion of a huge wall art.

Sati & Beauty

Use two or more paintings to create a story on the wall.

This also works well when you have a large wall and relatively smaller paintings. Using two or more paintings, in the same hues, preferably from the same artist will create a story on the wall while solving your purpose.


Quick And Easy Tips To Change The Dimension Of The Room Using Wall Art And Paintings: –

#1. Extend the length of the room naturally by strategically placing two or three long, rectangular pictures with horizontal prints. Make sure that the furniture in the room is bare minimum as too much clutter can make a room appear smaller.

#2. With the help of a large mirror, a tin of paint and a large colourful wall painting, you can broaden a room which is a bit on the narrow side. Paint one wall of the room in a darker shade and hang the colourful, lively painting in the center. Hang a decorative mirror on the wall opposite the painting. The mirror reflects on the painting and the dark colour of the wall to give the room some much-needed depth, making it look wider.

#3. To heighten the low ceiling of the room, cover the floor of the room with a dark covering, like a wooden floor or a carpet. Paint the walls a lighter shade of the colour and use white paint for the ceiling. Hang paintings with vertical accents or strong vertical lines to add a sense of height in the room.


Wall art, paintings and prints play a vital role in the process of decorating a home. Not only do they reflect and display the personality of the homeowner but also change the look and feel of the room by combining contrasting colours, light play and decorative mirrors.

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