Have A Seat – A Collection Of Trendy Stools To Complete Your Modern Home!
Musheer Khan | February 27, 2015

Considering the amount of time we spend in the home and how it is the perfect gathering spot for the entire family, it is imperative that you get the seating options spot on – after all home is where the heart is!

             Picking the right stools, chairs and ottomans can not only alter the ergonomics of your modern home but also add to the visual aesthetics. A sophisticated interior setting is the result of attention to details. When you decorate a room, you’ll probably find a dozen seating options – chairs, stools, ottomans, sofas, arm chairs and what not! The key to functionality without compromising on aesthetics is to choose the seating arrangement in such a way that it adds versatility without consuming much space. While sofas in the living room and chairs in the kitchen add the much needed skeletal structure, why not increase your seating options by flaunting a few stools in the arrangement.

Considering the wide range of choice that is out there, we have brought together four exceptional stool designs that promise to steal the show. While some are timeless classics, others are contemporary delights that elevate the style quotient of your home to a completely new level.



An exceptional ornament for your décor, this fluid and unusual sofa transcends design and jewelry. Conceived from a cuff bracelet, the Mandy Stool by Koket will embellish any setting with its soft black velvet upholstery and a base in twisted high-gloss polished brass.

Unique Selling Point : This stool is much like jewelry for the house, with its cuff-like brass base and soft velvety black seating, making it the perfect adornment for the home.

Arena Stool

arena Celebrating the latest trend of Spring 2015 – geometric patterns in home décor is the Arena stool/end table by Farrago. Engineered by inlaying thousands of hexagonal camel bone chips to make the warm, textured base; the top is then imbued with a striking pattern constructed by inlaying horn. Taking this unique design a step further is the fact that the pattern can be customized as per the customer’s preference, for example, replacing it with a monogram.

Unique Selling Point : This stool is constructed with hexagonal shaped camel bone chips which makes it as unique a piece of décor as the material it is used to engineer.

Knod Stool

knod-stool-stools-brass-modern-2_5 Comfortable and solid, the Knod Stool by Hagit Pincovici expands normal dining room seating for large gatherings. This casual contemporary counter height stool is perfect for your casual dining or entertainment room.

Unique Selling Point : The stark contrast between black lacquer finish and gold metal inlay make a striking contrast in most indoor settings, spelling artistic opulence.

Pebble Stool

pebble__stool__side_table Resembling the stacking pebbles found in a lake or a pond, the Pebble stool by Ginger and Jagger provides a feel of harmony. The blend of natural exotic wood with hammered metal emanates a sense of balance, suited for any living space.

Unique Selling Point : The interesting juxtaposition created by marrying hammered metal with natural exotic wood makes it a fine piece of artistic ensemble for the home.

Picking the right stool is all about finding that ideal balance between aesthetics and ergonomics. Wherever you may need to decorate your home, these great ideas for your interiors are the perfect way to add functionality and opulence without making any extreme changes.

So, which amongst these fabulous four showcased here fits your home the best?

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