Geometric Patterns – Trending This Spring 2015!
Musheer Khan | February 23, 2015

                                      Circles, triangles, pyramids – I hated math in school. The last time I ever gave any serious thought to Geometry was in Grade 10 and back then it wasn’t my favourite subject. Little did I know that it would catch me head over heels in love with geometric patterns this year. Spring 2015 is witnessing fashion and home décor being strongly influenced by geometric patterns and I am looking at circles, triangles and pyramids in a new ‘artistic’ light. As an interiors aficionado, when going through the products featured in the ‘February Edits’ for Treniq, I couldn’t help but notice how many uniquely spell binding geometric designs we have to cater to our audiences, which is why I was compelled to write about this ‘New Favourite Trend for Spring 2015′.

                    Geometric shapes nurture a comforting sense of completion in a home. With repeating patterns, grid-like precision and structural fits in almost every design theme, geometric patterns are taking the world of interiors by a storm. Some of the most commonly used geometric shapes this season are diamonds, hexagons, stripes, and Greek key patterns. If you want to experiment with the settings of your home this Spring 2015, try incorporating geometric patterns in small doses through unassuming fabrics and accents.

                      Geometric shapes can be included in every aspect of home décor. Walls, furniture, mirrors, accent pieces and upholstery – the geometric look goes best with contemporary décor and bold colours. Having said that, if you are in love with traditional styling we have great news for you! With new designers taking on the trend of geometric patterns with an unconventional mix of classic designs, this trend is now accessible in elegant, classic themes as well. Spring 2015 brings touches of geometric print, geometric in pastel hues and geometric styling in furniture as well, that works beautifully in more elegant homes.

Today, I bring to you some exceptional  furniture inspired by the timeless geometric designs –

Form Sideboard 


We love the idea of abandoning traditional sideboards for works of arts like this Form Sideboard by Mambo Unlimited. The geometric patterns on the exterior surface of this sideboard are made by a variety of woods, which give character to the design, creating a lovely effect.

Button -up Sideboard with Dansette legs 

Button-up-Sideboard-with-Dansette-Legs _Kate-Noakes_Treniq_2

This beautiful sideboard by Kate Noakes combines geometric styling with modern industrial design through the use of touch metals with sustainable wood. The shiny metal inlay allows the eye to focus on the beautiful grid design of the sideboard. With an artistic piece like this, the eye sees a different aspect depending on which point in the room you are standing.

Cubist Credenza 


Featured in a painting by Iain Faulkner


Featured in a series of paintings by Iain Faulkner – the  Cubist Credenza by Chris Turner uses geometry and simple geometric shapes. Bold and obvious, the triangles, circles and squares pop out in the design as well as in the painting. These geometric patterns of 660 hand cut pieces from different wood veneers creates a stunning effect and a powerful graphic statement.

Madura Cabinet 


We love how unexpected materials blend with wood to create a stunning geometrical effect, like in this Madura Cabinet by Carlo. Using crackled coconut shells on the surface of wood to create a textural statement; this cabinet gives off a contemporary flair while clearly echoing the mod design of the structural ’60s.

Orion Cabinet 

orion-midcentury-modern-geometric-wood-brass-cabinet-zoom2 (1)

The Orion Cabinet is a remarkable piece of furniture made of wood snuggled by a kind of brass web whose structure and geometric patterns remind us of the ORION constellation. The clean lines of the cabinet juxtapose interestingly with the geometric artistry on the doors created with brass on wood, making it a particularly beautiful and dramatic statement piece.

Explore the possibility of geometric furniture in your home this Spring 2015 and enjoy the geometric trend! It’s a great way to infuse your home with bold shapes, a pop of colour and a fun sense of style.

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