First Impressions to Last Forever!
Musheer Khan | November 18, 2014

          Do you want to give the interiors of your house a very modern and stylish look? Would you like to enhance the overall ambience of your home decor? While the carefully thought out colour palette of furnishings, the strategically placed furniture layout and the beautifully displayed knick-knacks make up for the interiors of most houses, what adds a degree of charm and elegance to a house is a well-placed and beautifully decorated center table. Whether tucked away in the corner of a compact entry, placed in a grand foyer or simply serving the dual purpose of a reading spot and dining table, a center table brings a gracious note to the home.

        Usually the most utilitarian place of the house, where one puts their keys and other things they’d need while going out, they are also the perfect place to display a beautiful arrangement; a collection of treasured photographs, a set of vases or simply a display of scented candles.

         A center table makes an exceptional first impression in the foyer as people enter your home.  So, let’s take a look at these gorgeous tables that exemplify the importance of a center table in every foyer…

CT Blog 1

What a beautiful impression this makes! A glass-top center table with one natural planter displayed on it adds a touch of greenery and uplifts the decor of the entryway. You can either display a massive planter on your center table or arrange a wild tangle of plants, orchids or bonsai to make it gorgeous and interesting. The perfect example of how even in small areas you can display a table that works beautifully. If you have space constraints, try arranging a console table against a wall in your entryway. Burr_walnut_console_1 While adding functionality to an otherwise wasted space, the console table will bring a touch of charm to the decor. CT blog 3   Not just in foyers and entryways, even in transitional spaces like a hallway or lounge corridor, a coffee table is always a good idea. Look how well put together our Limahl Nest coffee table looks in the middle of this room. Eventail_1 Is the space in your entryway cramped or rectangular? Even if the space allows for a small table like our Eventail, the effect can still be beautiful. eventail-treniq This coffee table tucked away under the staircase with a small chair next to it makes for an interesting addition. CT Blog Image 5   Have a large center table but do not know how to make it look appealing? A strategically placed set of vases can add an element of rustic elegance to the decor, just like our stalagmite vases. Extra elements like vases and flower arrangements displayed on a center table help direct the attention towards the table, making it look appealing while uplifting the decor. CT Blog Image 6   Make your center table in the hallway multi-functional by adding benches underneath it, allowing you to sit and read. Add a set of vases and a few books to make it look more appealing.   There is a lot that can be done with center tables when it comes to interior decoration. Adding a few pine cones or a little evergreen planter in the winters, displaying a bowl of shells during the summers, a vase with an arrangement of pretty flowers in the spring or maybe a bowl of fall leaves and an acorn in the autumn; just by changing up the vignettes with the seasons, one can indeed create a wonderful first impression in the foyer. How about you? How do you like to decorate or display your center tables?

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