Musheer Khan | October 17, 2014

Come October, everything around us gets into the spirit of fall. While nature takes on a fiery shade of orange and yellow with a crisp nip in the air, it is the perfect time to experiment with your home decor, incorporate autumnal accents and turn your house into a cosy haven with toasty hues and solid natural hardwood to keep the autumn chill at bay. Autumn_scene “FALL IN LOVE WITH FALL!” While summers are synonymous with vibrancy and vitality, with floral accents and pastel hues dominating the decor; autumn is more about earthy tones and cosier, inviting spaces. This fall, Treniq invites you to get autumn-ready with Walnut wood furniture.   “Walnut is the new BLACK!” A current favourite, Walnut wood furniture has been trending hot this autumn. As a stunning piece of hardwood, its chocolate brown colour adds great character and richness.   Often Walnut furniture lovers browse online to get home inspiration and shop online… and let’s face it! It kind of gets stale… After sifting through various websites, it’s easy to get trapped into the vortex of similar looking Walnut wood furniture. Finding extraordinary designs made from truly top quality Walnut wood is hard. Here are a few designs that will knock you right out of this vortex and give you a feel of exactly how glorious your home can look. So to help you break out of the usual Walnut wood furniture mold, we’ve assembled our best-selling, bespoke designs which will leave you spell bound: –


  1. The Award-Winning Stack Design: –

 Walnut furniture is on fire this autumn, adding an air of sophistication and class. No wonder we are smitten by this incredible award-winning stack design by John Jacques. With its bold and straight-forward design, this modular stack of drawers can be ordered in a collection of different woods or simply in Walnut. Pairing these geometric blocks of drawers, you could switch up and arrange them in any order you like. Like this design? Buy it here! JJ-10

  1. The Ellipse Bureau: – Stylish? Check. Trendy? Check. Unique? Check. Sculpted in black Walnut wood, this unique bureau is the perfect addition to any house looking to integrate autumnal hues through ultra-luxurious Walnut wood furniture in their decor. Sturdy and seriously sleek, the contrast between the black Walnut wood and yew-panelled boards creates a visually compelling look. See the rest of the collection here.

Surf-JJA-1004-4 3.Surfs-Up Console Table: – This console table is a subtly striking piece of Walnut furniture. With some very unique styling, this table is a contemporary take on the traditional Walnut wood furniture, adding an eclectic twist to your home decor. Are you thinking about Walnut furniture for your home? These pieces of furniture are a sneak preview into all the beautiful and visually compelling Walnut furniture pieces we have to offer, featuring some of the most talented designers.   Tips For Protection And Preservation Of Your Walnut Wood Furniture: –   Your Walnut wood furniture is a treasured piece of investment and the appreciation in its value over time depends upon how well you care for it. Here are a few general maintenance tips to help you preserve and care for your furniture to last generations: –

  •        Excessive sunlight can fade the natural colour of Walnut wood. Use window coverings and table cloths to prevent prolonged exposure.
  •        Use a dry, soft cotton cloth for frequent dusting to maintain the lustre of both oil and lacquer finishes.
  •        Use trivets and coasters to prevent water rings on the wood surface; wipe up any spill promptly.
  •        If you leave objects like vases and candle stands on uncovered wood surface, rotate them regularly to avoid light and dark spots.
  •        Break open the meat of a walnut and gently rub it back and forth along a scratch on the wood surface. The oil in the nut will fill in and darken the scratched area, quickly minimizing the imperfection.

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