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Musheer Khan | October 29, 2014

A Room By Room Guide To Choosing The Perfect Lighting Fixtures For Your Home! Interior design plays critically on the perfect combination of light and shade; and appropriate lighting is that magical ingredient which can liberate the dullest of rooms. “Where there is no light, there is no beauty!” ~ Billy Baldwin Lighting plays a pivotal role in the decoration of a space. When you light a room, the objective is to get rid of the gloom, to have enough light to feel happy. Good lighting enhances colour, enables activity, gives a room an effervescent sense of warmth and life. However, using light in a functional yet provocative way to alter the mood of your room is a tricky feat to pull off. With so many new and innovative methods of illumination, one needs to be careful to not overdo lighting. Dramatizing the interiors is an easy trap to fall into. Even if it is a simple makeover, one needs to be organized and take things one room at a time. This is why interior evangelists at Treniq have put together a room-by-room guide to help you choose the perfect lighting fixtures for your home: –

#The Entryway: – Since the entryway is the cover page of your home, making it look inviting is key. Make sure you set the appropriate mood for your guests at the front door with large floor lamps or an interesting chandelier. Highlighting the beauty of artwork on the walls with accent lights is a sure shot way of making the house look appealing. Image 1

Consider using a large pendant light for decorating a big entryway.

Image 2

Add extra mood lighting to this area with a large floor lamp in the corner.

#The Living Room: – A living room is the most flexible room in the house. Not only is it used for entertaining guests but is also a place to relax, which is why it is very important to set the right balance with proper lighting. Consider using permanent fixtures like chandeliers or pendant lamps as focal sources of lighting but also consider using sconces and floor lamps for highlighting accent details. For maximum versatility, install a dimmer switch for a warm glow. Image 3

A big pendant light can be the focal point of your living room.

Image 4

Floor and table lamps allow you to set the mood of the room in seconds.


Sconces are great for highlighting artwork and other accents.

#The Dining Room: – This room is the easiest to decorate with lights. Since the dining table is always the central attraction of the room, consider hanging a chandelier or pendant light right above the dining table. You can also add small task lamps or wall scones to layer the lighting for dramatic effects. Image 5

Consider using a low hanging pendant lamp above the dining table.


Put the spotlight on a certain accent feature using wall sconces.

#The Kitchen: – Since there is no single focal point in the kitchen, it requires more complex lighting. A healthy mix of pendant lights and spot lights can serve the purpose.


Spotlights installed in the ceiling allow for extra light in key areas.

Image 6

Install multiple types of lighting accents like two or more pendant lights.

#The Bedroom: – The best choice of lighting fixtures for the bedroom would be warm lights with subtle hues as this is the most relaxing and restful place in the house. With many options ranging from wall sconces to table lamps, you can create the perfect ambiance in the room. Image 7

If you wish for something different, install a low hanging pendant light instead of a chandelier and set a relaxing mood with these table lamps. Additionally, install a dimmer switch for versatility.

#The Bathroom: – The most functional place in the house is the bathroom. Compliment this space by installing sconces above a vanity mirror or beside it to ensure appropriate lighting for the most flattering illumination. Miami_Beach_Bathroom_of_Tomorrow

A well-placed accent lighting makes the bathroom more welcoming.

#The Office: – When it comes to a home office, concentration and inspiration are the essential. Install a stylish table lamp to specifically illuminate your work area. You could also add ambient lighting by installing hanging lights and pendants for a warm glow in the room. 08

Strategically place adjustable table lamps on or near a desk for concentration.

Image 9

#Above all, let’s never forget the magic of candle lights which can add an exquisite addition to any and all lighting. With these ideas, style and focus are all in a day’s work. Make your home light and bright with these tips and ideas. Share your ideas and experiences, leave a comment and discuss your creative journey with us right here, on ‘THE TRENIQ BLOG!’

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