Confessions of a Porcelain Lover!
Musheer Khan | November 25, 2014


Are you a china junkie? Do you like collecting odd pieces of porcelain on your trips or while rummaging through your grandma’s kitchen? If yes, then you have come to the right place! We at Treniq bring to you a fun selection of cool DIY and tips on caring for your porcelain dinnerware!

Many people think that porcelain is too fragile to be used on a daily basis. The truth is that while porcelain is fragile, it can still be used regularly with proper care, storage. Below is an easy guide for taking care of all types of porcelain dinnerware.

Porcelain 101


White Porcelain: –  Made from clay-based minerals, white porcelain is easier to care for than hand-painted or metallic porcelain. The value of white porcelain, however, depends on age and brand.

white-porcelain-care (1)

Hand-painted Porcelain: – Made from clay-based minerals, the design is hand painted on the finished porcelain. Used particularly as decorative items, these gain value over time as each piece is hand painted without a template, making it unique.

hand-painted-porcelain-care (2)

Decal or Under glaze: –  Similar to hand painted porcelain, these items, however, have a layer of protective glaze which protects the painted surface from scratches and other damages. Value retention of such products highly depends upon the brand.

decal-porcelain-care (2)

Metallic Porcelain: – Made from clay-based minerals and painted with gold or silver coating, these items hold value well over time if stored properly.




Don’t know what to do with your porcelain dinnerware even after the set is ruined? If you didn’t have the heart to throw out your favourite porcelain tableware after someone ruined the set, you are in luck! These fun craft DIYs will have everyone falling in love with your porcelain all over again!

DIY China Plate

China plate

Bring a fun, quirky take to your kitchen decor by displaying your favourite porcelain plate on the wall.

 POR 2

Simply stencil  the alphabets on individual plates and colour them with a sharpie. Display them on the wall and enjoy the compliments.


DIY Tea and Cupcake Stand

Do you have a ruined set of English china dinner set lying around in the store? Fetch it out and use the plates to turn them into a custom-made 3 tier tea and cupcakes stand to flaunt at your next tea party.

Top Right


What you need: – One large plate( dinner plate)

One medium plate (Quarter plate)

One saucer (dessert plate)

One tea cup

Some wooden dowels painted in metallic gold.

Elmer’s glue/ mod podge/ industrial strength glue.


Steps: – Use the dinner plate as the base and fix a metallic painted dowel in the center using glue. do the same for the quarter plate and the saucer as well. once the dowels are stuck in place attach the three plates together, one on top of the other with glue and leave it to dry for 24 hours. Voila! Your cup cake stand is ready.


DIY Christmas Gifts


Who doesn’t love a good read while sipping their evening tea! Turn a thrift store bought tea cup and saucer into your very own customized creation: –

What you need: –  White porcelain cup and saucer with flat edges (since it becomes easier to write on it).

Porcelain felt pen or a black sharpie.

A book of poems or just your favourite quotes.


Steps: –  Simply choose what to write and start writing on the saucer, starting from the edge. Do the same on the cup. You can choose to write in any direction you like. Let it dry for 24 hours and then bake it in an oven at 150 degrees for 30 minutes.

This makes a great thoughtful present for Christmas as well as a weekend DIY activity for yourself.

If you have more DIY projects or tips on taking care of porcelain do share the same with us, right here in the comments section.

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