Common Mistakes While Redecorating Your Bedroom
treniqblog | August 29, 2017

Bedroom decor is such an interesting topic yet redecorating and looking for new designs can be difficult — especially when you’re still new to this. Time, effort, money, and dedication are vital factors you have to commit for your dream bedroom.

It’s also important to consider views from major elements before getting started. Most beginners often commit mistakes when starting over for their room decor because they think it’s just a single design aspect they need to change. In reality, it’s actually the facet of every corner of your room. To help you sort out, we’re giving you the 7 common mistakes that beginners do when refurbishing their bedroom.


1. Don’t know how to articulate their preferences

This is one of the common mistakes beginners often commit which is completely understandable. They’re often bombarded with varying options, but just don’t know how to articulate their preferences. In the end, they can’t settle with one particular decoration style they like. To avoid this, you need to spend time and be honest with yourself with what design theme you’re going with.

2. Cluttered decor

Before refurbishing, you have to settle your designs. You can ask advice from a pro to help you plan your best design choices and preferences. If you start decorating without anything in mind then you’ll easily switch from one design to another so it’s best to settle on one theme.


3. Shop around without creating a budget

Sometimes rushing your bedroom furniture is not a good idea. First off, you have to plan for your budget before you shop. If you shop directly without creating a budget, you will end up confused and end up purchasing too much or too little. You can always visit online shops to view prices and get an estimate of the total cost of your decorations and/or fixtures.

4. Wall-hugging

Maybe you already have a vision of what your room will look like but end up forgetting to layout your room furniture properly first. You need to build your design around your room and its furniture, and afterward, you can start focusing your design at focal points like the entertainment center. In this case, you won’t end up hugging your furniture onto the wall.


5. Selecting the wrong furniture

When you shop, one important facet you have to consider is to select the right furniture for your room. It’s no use having a large sofa or bed if your room can’t occupy a lot of space.


6. Over mixing colours

As a beginner, it can be difficult to mix and match colours perfectly. This is something you shouldn’t ignore. You have to scrutinise well and balance your colour preferences so it won’t end up with something irritating and unpleasant. Check out this site for references on mixing colours for your room.


7. Lack of storage

In order for your room to achieve a debt-free mess, you have to keep up good maintenance which includes storage management. This is very important to keep all your things and personal stuff in one organised place instead of cluttering it.

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