Christmas- Making Memories Last Forever!
treniqblog | November 11, 2014

Christmas is synonymous with families coming together to spend happy, joyful times. Be it your grandma’s house or your parents home, the sweet buttery smell of cookies wafting around the house, the Christmas lights twinkling while the fire crackles in the fireplace, exchanging gifts, old stories and sharing gravy dinners with family and friends allows us to relive magical moments and create new memories for the future.

Decorating the house with candles, wreaths, twinkling lights and setting the table for a family dinner, picking out the perfect tree to decorate and display makes your home the nostalgic heaven you love. Even the nicks and cuts in the furniture have a story to tell- a memory to share!

This holiday season, take inspiration and create memories that last an eternity- that will be treasured forever, using and gifting future heirlooms. We at Treniq, have put together a list of bespoke creations where each piece holds a story of self expression, love and creativity which can be cherished forever. Get Christmas ready and shop these future heirlooms to pass on to your loved ones as manifestations of your Christmas past or simply to make your home Christmas ready to entertain guests.

The Heritage Collection ~

Banner 2 THE HERITAGE by Emma Alington 940x400

A physical representation of traditions and culture that one hopes to pass down to their daughter some day, ‘The Heritage Collection’ is beautiful, romantic and poetic. With dainty spirals and coatings of real gold on pure snow-white porcelain, each piece of this collection is a timeless masterpiece, capturing the luminosity of gold work like little hand-written notes preserved in time.

Credenza ~

Image 1


A dynamic statement for the home, Credenza is very organic and completely sculpted by hand, which is what makes it truly exceptional. With around 630 individual hand-cuts within the art work of the two doors, this cabinet is a superb gifting choice for someone who plans their home decor around one big eye-catching piece. Gift it to your wife this Christmas so she would remember that you DO make an effort around the house (after all who doesn’t love a little extra storage space).

Revolver ~

 Image 2


A fascinating mix of vintage, contemporary and bespoke, the Revolver cabinet is a statement piece which can be used as an objet d’art at home. The perfect addition to your home for Christmas festivities, it reveals yet hides, creating the perfect paradox for your warm interiors. A symbol of affection and heritage, this contemporary high-end piece of home decor is the ideal gift for anyone who is associated with nature, beauty and decoration.

Illuminating Inspirations ~

No Christmas decor is complete without an abundance of mood lighting in the house to set the atmosphere – something as symbolic and meaningful as the candles on the porch and twinkling lights on the Christmas tree. Have a look at these amazing table lamps made from tiger bamboo and frosted ice-core technology.

Image 3 (1)

Invest in this beautiful handcrafted gold- hued table lamp to add a touch of opulence to your home decor. While the frosted ice-core stem reminds one of a white Christmas, the gold- hued shade gels well with the shiny ornaments on the Christmas tree.

Image 4 (1)

In the mood for a warm, cozy time in front of the fireplace? Let there be light with this handcrafted Nelson- tiger bamboo lamp; with a suede black shade contrasting with the textural black and brown stem made from tiger bamboo, a perfect gift for someone with class and sophistication.

With A Twist ~

Beautiful and exquisitely mysterious, celebrate the exploration- a voyage of true discovery of vintage finds. And what can be more vintage than the combination of ebony and ivory, like two star-crossed lovers, symbolically united in this collection by renowned ceramicist Emma Alington

Timeless and boldly contemporary, we picked the cream of the crop for your Christmas decoration and gift list. Versatile in demeanor, the ‘With A Twist’ collection is so evocative that it can be reinvented, time and again, in every setting. From the perfect addition as a centerpiece or on the mantle, to a beautiful gift for a loved friend, these vases and bowls are captivating and minimalist chic

Image 5

No Christmas celebration is complete without popping open a bottle of the finest wine chosen from our oak wall-mounted wine rack. A perfect end to a perfect year, this Christmas create incredible memories where you preserve your thoughts and dreams in timeless perfections- memories that can be felt, touched and cherished forever.

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