12 Things to Consider Before Adding Luxury Decoration To Your Home
Guest Blogger | August 3, 2017

We all need a bit of luxury in our lives but if you’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and transform your home into the epitome of opulent living read this article first.

12 things to think about before you start splashing the cash!

Separate luxury from price

Although it is normal and expected to have to pay a little (or a lot) more for luxury, be sure to separate what is luxurious from what is just expensive. Luxury has to be foremost about quality of design and workmanship and while certain designers and brands are associated with high end products, other products rely more upon the power of branding and fashion to justify a high price tag – learn the difference!


What's on Trend?

Although luxury can be a very individual thing, it is worth considering whether you want your home to fall in with modern trends or make its own statement regardless of the current fashion. If you are unsure, a safe strategy is to opt for timeless styles. For example, marble in bathrooms and classic chandeliers are unlikely to ever look dated.

For some guidance on 2017 trends, see Nicole Agba’s blog post here on Treniq.


Invest in quality doors

It is guaranteed that if you spend a lot of time and money adding luxury to your home, your plain and low-spec doors will look decidedly dull and ordinary by comparison. Investing in good quality doors from the outset will save you from that disappointment.

There are many exciting and creative door designs, some inset with bevelled glass and others featuring a bi-folding design to allow you to really open up your room for maximum impact.


Give your walls the wow factor

A simple wall can be transformed with the addition of some luxury fabric coverings with suede and silk being particularly treasured. In order to afford the best cloth that money can buy, consider limiting your most ostentatious wall decoration to just one feature wall.


Be creative with mirrors and glass

Mirrors (including highly polished surfaces) and glass work wonders for increasing the feeling of space and light around the home. From full-width glazing to furniture incorporating inset mirrors, explore the many different ways in which you can reflect and refract light.


Go bespoke

Modern luxury furniture is great but sometimes the best value for money – incorporating luxury, maximum storage space and individual style – is bespoke. There are still some really talented artisans around who can work wonders with wood and metal. Ask around for recommendations and view samples of previous work before commissioning someone.


Light, sound and smart living

Lighting is one of the most versatile and effective ways of showcasing your luxury home. Use carefully placed mood lighting to cast light on accent pieces and consider features such as illuminated vases and shelf edging.

Modern technology now allows music to be transmitted wirelessly through the home while smart gadgets such as remote control thermostats and lighting controls can add convenience to luxury for the ultimate modern lifestyle experience.


Say it with flowers

One of the best ways to add splashes of colour and life around the home is with some carefully placed floral arrangements.

The trend towards green living can be seen in some homes in the form of living artwork. Plants are also said to be great for feng-shui, so make sure they form part of your healthy, happy home.


Picture Perfect

Choosing and displaying artwork is perhaps the most difficult choice to make when creating your luxury living space. Fortunately, there is a trend for mixed prints so feel free to experiment with unusual arrangements. Try your Claude Monet next to your Brendan Monroe and see what happens!


Dial up the detail

When it comes to creating a statement of luxury and opulence a lot of the impact is in the details. From layered textures and intricate wood panelling to hand-crafted, polished chrome or gold finishes be sure to give guests plenty to purr about by paying special attention to the little things.


Consider aftercare

If only luxury took care of itself. Unfortunately, the more luxurious the fabric and ornate the design, the more maintenance is required to avoid the chic becoming pretty shabby in no time at all. If you are able to spend the time (or the money) to keep your luxury home pristine then feel free to ignore this consideration.

However, if your busy lifestyle doesn’t fit with a harsh domestic cleaning regime then consider making some compromises. For example, real limestone is gorgeous but requires regular sealing. However, there are plenty of ceramic ‘limestone-effect’ tiles that are much easier to look after.

Finish with a flourish

Whether you have a taste for expensive modern chairs or are a collector of Damien Hirst prints, consider saving back some funds for one big ‘what the heck’ feature piece. Whether it’s a high quality crafted side table or a stunning plush bench, not only will it provide a centrepiece for conversation, it will give out the impression that you are truly a person with a taste for the finer things.

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